How much is a pediatric eye exam?

Are you about to take your child to their first eye exam but unsure what to expect or how much it costs? We have the answers you need to prepare accordingly. 

Your child should start visiting the eye doctor at the age of one, although it can be earlier. Taking your child to the eye doctor on a routine basis once every two years will ensure your child’s eye health. These are known as pediatric eye exams.

Cost of a pediatric eye exam

The cost of a pediatric eye exam will vary with each clinic and insurance plan. Every clinic is different, so if you’re anxious about cost, we recommend calling ahead of time and asking questions to be better prepared. 

Some clinics even offer their own plans, so you don’t have to go through the insurance process. Again, check with your clinic to be safe.

Our pediatric exams at the Oklahoma City Vision office are the same price as our adult exams, which is $164. This is the amount without insurance.

What happens during a pediatric eye exam?

We understand that parents worry about their child’s health and don’t always know what to expect at these appointments, so we make the exam quick, simple, and completely painless. We want it to be a great experience for everyone!

During the pediatric eye exam, we test for refractive errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. This will help us determine how your child’s visual health is and whether or not they will need glasses. We also observe eye movements and may need to use eye drops to dilate the eye if necessary. That’s it!

Whether it’s your child’s first pediatric exam or not, it’s important for parents to prepare and ask questions ahead of time. Not only will it ease parents’ minds, but it will make the appointment go more smoothly. If you have concerns about cost, always talk with your doctor.