VIP Plan

Vision correction isn’t cheap.

We believe that everyone deserves top-quality eye care. That’s why we have our VIP plan. It’s not vision insurance, but it accomplishes the same goal of spreading expenses out over time and discounting the vision care you need.

Our VIP Plan for Your Eye Care

The Oklahoma City Vision VIP plan functions on a simple premise: you deserve better eye care. We can help.

If you sign up for our plan, you can pay an enrollment fee up front, get your eye exam free, then pay a very small fee per month for discounts on everything we sell. We’ll give you discounts on frames, lenses, contacts, examinations, lens cleaners, cloths, name it, we’ll help.

We want you to shop with us. So our VIP plan applies solely to Oklahoma City Vision. We’ll provide you the best possible care we can, no matter your income or socioeconomic status.

That’s why we exist.

How the VIP Plan works

The VIP Plan is currently being revised.

Stay tuned, or call the office for more details at 405-840-2800



Yes, you can get treatment if you have an eye injury. You might have a foreign object in your eye, or you might have a scratch on your cornea or an infection that needs treating. Whatever it is we can either take care of it or point you to someone who can.

SEE the difference professional eye care can make.

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