What age should a child have an eye test?

Just like teens and adults, children must also focus on eye health. Unfortunately, many parents don’t know what age their child should start visiting the eye doctor. There are varying opinions between professionals, but we at Oklahoma City Vision recommend most children start to visit the dentist and receive their first eye test by the age of one. 

Of course, there are varying circumstances. Some parents and doctors may notice vision and eye health problems before the age of one. In this case, it’s best to see an eye doctor as soon as possible.

What to expect at your child’s first eye exam

During the visit, your eye doctor will ask you about your child’s health, activities, eye problems, etc. Your eye doctor will perform a brief series of tests:

  • Vision test: how your child sees at different distances and their depth perception
  • Pupil test: how your child’s eyes respond to light
  • Eye movement test: checks your child’s peripheral (side) vision and how eyes track movement

The eye tests are quick and painless. Once your eye doctor has performed a full examination, they will share any concerns they may have. If your child’s eyes are in perfect health, that’s great!

How often should my child get an eye exam?

Circumstances, again, may vary from child to child. If your child doesn’t require any vision correction and their eyes are in perfect health, we recommend getting an exam once a year or once every two years. Children who need glasses or even contacts should have a comprehensive eye exam every year.

If your child is experiencing vision problems in between routine visits, schedule an appointment for an eye exam as soon as possible. The more quickly we can catch and solve the issue, the better. Ensuring a child can see clearly is important in their overall health and learning abilities.