How do I know if my child needs glasses?

Adults know if their vision is blurry, but children can’t always tell something’s wrong. Vision problems affect your child in school and at home, so it’s important to address them early on. How can you know if your child needs glasses? Here are some signs to watch out for. 

Signs your child may need glasses

These behaviors may indicate that your child needs glasses:

  • Squinting to read, watch TV, or focus on an object in the room
  • Sitting close to the TV or holding electronic devices close to their face
  • Covering one eye to look at something
  • Tilting their head to get a better view
  • Complaining about eye pain or headaches, especially toward the end of the day
  • Difficulties completing schoolwork in class or struggling to focus in school
  • Failing a vision screening at school 

You know your child better than anyone. If you notice a change in attitude, behavior, or academic performance, evaluate the potential causes. If you think a vision problem may be at the root, bring your child in for an eye exam. 

What to do if you think your child needs glasses

If you think your child needs glasses, come to Oklahoma City Vision for an eye exam. Our family-friendly eye doctor office is a calm, safe environment that children feel comfortable in. We will evaluate your child’s eyesight and determine if he or she needs corrective lenses. If so, we can find the perfect prescription to help your child see clearly. 

How to help your child transition to wearing glasses

Some children are resistant to getting glasses, while others love the idea of having a new accessory to wear. If your child is on the resistant side, here are some tips to ease the transition:

  • Let your child choose their own glasses. You can narrow down the options based on your budget and overall needs, but let your child make the final decision about the frames.
  • Make sure the glasses fit well. If your child is complaining about the fit after a few days, come back in for an adjustment.
  • Require your child to wear glasses all day long. If your child refuses, ask why. Are they self-conscious wearing glasses? Are the glasses uncomfortable? Use this information to find an appropriate solution.
  • Look for wardrobe pieces that coordinate with the glasses. Point out shirts and shoes in your child’s closet that match the glasses. Your child may feel more confident if the glasses complement their attire.
  • Consider getting a backup pair of glasses. Children transitioning to glasses are not always responsible enough to keep track of them. Having a backup pair will ensure your child continues to wear glasses no matter what. 

To schedule a child eye exam, contact Oklahoma City Vision at 405-840-2800. Our office is open Monday through Friday, including early morning and evening appointments.