Can my 3 year old have an eye test?

Eye exams are an important part of your children’s health care. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that we examine babies on a regular basis. Let’s look at when you should get your child’s eyes examined and how that works.

When should I get my baby’s eyes checked?

An eye exam can be performed on an infant or toddler of any age. I recommend that all children have an eye exam at some point before the age of three.

In some cases, the earlier you have your child examined, the better. If there is a family history of significant vision issues or eye conditions, the sooner the better.

How does an eye exam for a baby or toddler work?

When we examine a baby’s eyes or a toddler’s eyes, there are a few things we can do despite the fact that they’re unable to read an eye chart.

  • Examine their eyes for any sign of disease
  • Make sure that each eye focuses
  • Be sure that their eyes are straight
  • Test pupil response to light
  • Be sure they can visually track a toy or other item

As they get older, we can also test using pictures instead of letters. Once they can recognize and identify colors, we can also test for color blindness.

If your child hasn’t had an eye exam yet, or it’s just time for another one, we’d be happy to see you at our office in Oklahoma City.