Be proactive to slow the progression of glaucoma

For the approximately 3 million Americans who suffer from glaucoma, finding a cure would be miraculous. Unfortunately, there is no cure for glaucoma, but there are ways to find relief from this debilitating disease and work to stop the progression of vision loss. Treatment from an optometrist and proactive lifestyle modifications can be the solution.

What you can do at home to help?

It is important to avoid certain activities, medicines, and food that may make glaucoma symptoms worse.

For example, avoid exercises where your head is sitting lower than your core. Avoid medicines like corticosteroids that may cause elevated eye pressure, and avoid caffeine, junk food, and foods high in sodium and saturated fats.

A doctor can best advise you on how to be proactive at home once they know more about you and your specific needs.

Why go to a doctor?

The most important thing to do to manage glaucoma is to be in regular contact with an eye care doctor who can monitor your condition and provide information about treatment options.

An eye care doctor will examine your eyes, and depending on how far along your glaucoma is, they will determine if you need medications, therapy, or surgery.

An optometrist is capable of helping you with the treatment services that are best for you.

When do you need to seek treatment?

Glaucoma is an eye disease that, without treatment, can lead to blindness. The early stages of glaucoma often do not have symptoms, and early intervention can limit damage to your vision.

Once glaucoma starts to impact your vision, it can not be reversed. It is important to have annual eye exams.

Where can I go to get the treatment I may need?

The team at Oklahoma City Vision can get you in for an exam and create a personalized treatment plan based on your current symptoms and severity.

Don’t wait and risk glaucoma progression. Reach out today to Oklahoma City Vision and make sure you are on the right track to optimal eye health.