The first signs of cataracts

The sooner you treat cataracts, the less likely you are to experience significant vision loss. Cataracts can happen at any age, but adults over 40 are more susceptible than younger people. If you’re over 40, we highly recommend routine eye exams to monitor your ocular health. Let’s explore some of the first indicators of cataracts and what to do in those early stages.

What are the first signs of cataracts?

You may not be the first person to notice you have cataracts. Your eye doctor may be the one making that discovery. Cataracts in their earliest form may not cause vision loss. Think of it like a bruise you can feel on the first day but cannot see until the following day. Your eye doctor may spot a cloud on your eye before you experience symptoms.

Here are early cataracts signs to watch out for:

  • Problem seeing at night
  • Blurry or dim vision
  • Cloudy or streaky vision
  • Rapid changes in glasses prescriptions
  • Difficulty looking at glares from lights or the sun
  • Trouble seeing vibrant colors
  • Needing brighter reading light than you used to require

If you’ve experienced some of these symptoms, contact your eye doctor to schedule an exam.

How early should I pursue cataract treatment?

Corrective lenses may help in the early stages of cataracts, but eventually, most patients require cataract surgery. This process removes the clouded lens and eliminates cataract symptoms.

Your doctor will personalize a treatment path based on the severity of your cataracts and how rapidly your symptoms have developed. In most cases, early treatment is ideal for preserving your ocular health. 

Can cataracts be cured?

Yes, cataract surgery is a curative process. Most patients experience no additional symptoms after surgery. The process will not cover other optical issues, such as glaucoma and general vision loss, but it is highly effective for cataracts. 

Cataract treatment is routine and often compatible with insurance. Do not stress about having cataracts. We can fix it! Contact Oklahoma City Vision to schedule your cataract eye exam.