What is the most effective treatment for glaucoma?

Glaucoma affects approximately 3 million Americans, and currently, there is no cure for it. Treatment is the best way to manage glaucoma symptoms and halt the progression of vision loss. This guide explores the most effective treatments for glaucoma to help you understand your options. 

Early intervention crucial for effective treatment

If you are in the early stages of glaucoma, now is the perfect time to pursue treatment. The effects of glaucoma are permanent, which means that whatever vision you lose, it’s gone for good. Treatment in the early stages can keep your vision as strong as possible. 

With this in mind, it’s never too late to pursue treatment. Your eye doctor can evaluate your optical health to recommend the best glaucoma treatment for your specific situation. 

Best treatments for glaucoma

The most effective treatment for glaucoma varies by patient. Treatment paths depend on the type and severity of glaucoma a patient is experiencing. However, selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT), a simple in-office procedure, is considered the best first-line treatment for glaucoma, followed by prescription eye drops.

Glaucoma is the result of uncontrolled eye pressure. SLT uses a laser to stimulate the drainage tissue in front of the eye, and as drainage improves, pressure decreases. SLT and other glaucoma treatments cannot counteract any vision loss you’ve already experienced, but they can slow the progression of glaucoma and minimize future side effects. 

Personalized glaucoma treatment from Oklahoma City Vision

Your eyes and health are completely unique. You need a personalized treatment plan that considers all the prevailing factors. Oklahoma City Vision offers eye exams, glaucoma treatment, cataract treatment, and other optical health services. Contact us to schedule an appointment.