What does cataract surgery cost?

Approximately 10 million cataract operations are performed around the world every year. This surgery permanently treats cataracts by replacing the cloudy lens on your eye. The sooner you pursue treatment, the better you can protect your vision. Let’s review the potential costs of cataract surgery to outline your options. 

Is cataract surgery covered by insurance?

Most eye insurance plans will cover some or all of the cost of cataract surgery. There are several factors that influence, though, such as the deductible, co-pays for appointments, coverage percentages, and other policy parameters.

Many patients with insurance spend about $100 to $200 out of pocket for cataract surgery, but the pricing greatly depends on your policy. If you have already incurred vision-related expenses this year, that may also affect your insurance options. 

Different types of cataract surgeries for different coverage options

It’s important to note that not all cataract surgeries are created equal. For instance, Medicare and most commercial insurance policies will only cover the costs of monofocal intraocular lenses (IOLs). If you need a multifocal lens or astigmatism correction, that may come at an additional fee. Most insurance plans do not cover laser cataract surgery, so the methodology plays a role in cost. 

Your eye doctor’s office can verify your insurance coverage and provide a price quote based on your needs. 

How much does cataract surgery cost without insurance?

If you’re paying out of pocket, cataract surgery is approximately $4000 per eye for standard implants. Financing and installment options are available, depending on your provider and the general circumstances surrounding your cataract surgery. For instance, some patients use CareCredit to finance eye surgery and other healthcare expenses. 

Oklahoma City Vision would be happy to discuss your payment options, whether you have insurance or otherwise. Reach out today to schedule a consultation for cataract surgery.